Charlestowne Master Homeowners Association
Charlestowne Master Homeowners Association

Charlestowne Homeowners Association

Welcome to the residents of the 

Charlestowne Homeowners Association

in Towamencin Township, Pennsylvania.

Our site serves as your resource for information about the Charlestowne community.

Friendly Community Reminders:

  • Please keep portable basketball sets out of the streets. Township regulations do not permit them to be there.
  • Please clean up after your dogs when walking them around the neighborhood.
  • Please trim tree limbs when necessary that are hanging over your sidewalks.
  • If you are participating in the township yard waste pickup program, please make sure that you leave the waste close to the curb.
  • Trailer parking of any type is not permitted on your property unless it is placed fully within a garage.
  • You are responsible for keeping the sidewalks and curbs along your property in good order and repair and free of all obstructions.
  • You are required to repair or replace any sidewalk or curb that deteriorates or becomes hazardous.